Sponsors, Allies And Supporters

The sponsors of The Liberty Tree have given either cash or in-kind resources, to enable Public Domain Arts & Media to produce the pilot production of the play and to develop the play as a teaching resource.

Principal Sponsors

Special thanks go to our only individual Principal Sponsor, Bryan Nott, whose generous donation has been crucial in helping us reach our target. A big thank you to Bryan, from all the cast and crew and everyone involved in The Liberty Tree.

CWU LogoThe heroine of The Liberty Tree works in a call centre. Many call centre workers in the UK are represented by the CWU and we are delighted and grateful that the union has supported the production for the last two years with cash sponsorship and the engagement of the union’s Youth Section. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) is the biggest union for the communications industry in the UK with 203,700 members. It was formed in January 1995 when the Union of Communication Workers joined forces with the National Communications Union.CWU members work in Royal Mail, the Post Office, BT. O2 and other telecommunication companies, cable TV, Accenture HR Services, financial services, and the Alliance & Leicester (now Santander). Our members’ expertise includes engineering, computing, clerical, mechanical, driving, retail, financial and manual skills.

UCU Logo

The UCU branch at The University Of Bath has supported us for 2 years and been a crucial part of us getting this far.


Unity Theatre Trust Logo

The Unity Theatre Trust supported us for the first time in 2015 and this is particularly meaningful for us because the Unity Theatre movement of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s was a direct inspiration for the formation of Public Domain and the development of The Liberty Tree.


PrintThe Department Of Performing Arts at Bath Spa University were our principle sponsors in the Bristol/Bath region. We auditioned, rehearsed and performed, The Liberty Tree in the University Theatre on the beautiful Newton Park campus situateUniversityTheatred at The Globe roundabout on the main A4 between Bristol & Bath.

The theatre was part of a £5.7m scheme designed by Fielden Clegg Bradley Architects LLP. It comprises a 186-seat auditorium with full backstage and technical facilities, plus three large teaching studios.

Individual Sponsors:

The Individual Sponsors of The Liberty Tree have given cash donations ranging from £10 to £50 to support the 2015 pilot production of the play.

Andrew Cowie
Jeremy and Wendy Gardiner
Sarah Greene
Jack and Val Irvine
Ken Irvine
Joan Jury
Don & Irene Jowatt
Maeve Landeman
Rob Brown
Jane Prowse
Dave Chapple and Glen Burrows ‘Bridgewater Trades Unionists’
Adrian Betts
Suresh Chawla
Lisa and Dick Robinson
Simon Campbell-Jones
MacFarlane Chard Associates
Christopher Phillips
Pamela Karantonis
Andy Jordan
Ken Keable
Indra Bhose
Julie Boston
Thomas Kampe
Mary Steadman
Rachel Thompson
Pete Mcquail
Keith Holmes

And special Thanks to Robin Lough who directed the video recording of the pilot production and made a generous cash donation. And to Adrian Bayford who also made a substantial donation.

ChumbawambaLegendary Lefty anarchist rock band Chumbawamba have given their blessing to the Liberty Tree.

Five of the band’s songs were used in the lpilot production [The Chartist Anthem, I Wish They Would Sack Me, Sing About Love, Liberation and The Land Of do What You’re Told], and their support has been central to the project.

The band formally split in 2012 with the three last shows between October 31 and November 3 of that year.

But the music lives on and we intend to do our damnedest to live up to the band’s reputation.

The ‘Allies’ of The Liberty tree are organisations who have given their support to the project by providing Public Domain with access to their members, networks and readers.

Our Allies Include:

SERTUC YOUNG WORKERSSERTUC Young Members Network is a sub-group of The Southern and Eastern Regional Council of the Trades Union Congress represents TUC affiliated trade unions in London, the South East and the East of England. Trade unions nominate delegates to the Regional Council, which meets quarterly to discuss both how to achieve policy determined at the annual Trades Union Congress, and to make specific policies on regional issues. SERTUC has a number of sub-groups (to which unions and county associations of trades councils send delegates) that advise the Regional Council. Each sub-group determines its own agenda and activities.

Young Workers Month

Young Workers’ Month is a national festival of Young Peoples’ events focussed around building strong, democratic, collective voices in the workplace and community. We’ve built a website that is an online new-born hub for campaigns that have a clear young people’s objective and a blog that offers young people the chance to get their perspectives amplified. Partner organisations, such as trade unions and students’ unions produce events during the month that are promoted via our festival programme. There is also a range of petitions and organising resources available for organisers and organisations.

 gmb-logo-at-workGMB Southern Young Members is a campaigning group focussed on promoting the rights and causes of young working people across the Region, which is open for any GMB Southern member under the age of 27. As there are more and more threats to employment rights, young people are increasingly more vulnerable to poor treatment in terms of pay and working conditions. We therefore are constantly active to encourage more and more young people to become involved with the GMB to ensure that young workers have a voice in the workplace.

bristolpaThe Bristol People’s Assembly is part of the national popular movement that provides a forum for anti-austerity views and an organising structure for local action. A People’s Assembly can play a key role in ensuring that this uncaring government faces a movement of opposition broad enough and powerful enough to generate successful coordinated action, including strike action.

The assembly will be ready to support coordinated industrial action and national demonstrations against austerity, if possible synchronising with mobilisations across Europe.

Bath Trades Council 2Bath Trades Council brings together unions to work and campaign around issues affecting working people in the workplaces and communities of Bath And North East Somerset. The Bath Trades Union Council aims to:

  • raise public awareness of rights at work and the union role in enforcing those rights.
  • promote organising and recruitment drives to build union membership.
  • support union and community campaigns for dignity and respect in the workplace and beyond.

With the threats of racism and fascism, changes in the labour market and debattradesunioncouncilses over the future of public services, the trade union voice in the community is as important as ever. The capacity of Bath Trades Union Council to provide a local response and to organise trade unionists into coalitions with other progressive forces is crucial. They do this by providing services which keep local trade unionists up to date with developments within the wider trade union movement, and by taking up relevant local industrial and community issues.

SWTUCLOGOThe South West TUC covers Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Somerset. The SWTUC’s regional staff represent the TUC by supporting TUC campaigns and objectives and seeking the views of trade unions in the regions. Unions at Work in the South West – a publication showcasing the work of unions in the region’s workplaces is available now. Click here to download your copy.

SWTUC education officers organise a programme of accredited courses for trade union representatives, for more course information visit South West TUC Education. Trade Unions in the South West are helping their members make the most of learning opportunities. Unionlearn is at the forefront of union-led advice and guidance for reps and members. If you would like to find out more visit Unionlearn in the South West

For Tolpuddle information visit the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ website. For festival information visit Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival Dates for the 2014 Tolpuddle Festival: 18th-20th July.

WORLDbytes Header

WORLDbytes is a unique online Citizen TV channel set up and run by the education charity WORLDwrite. Dedicated to advancing new knowledge, skills and ideas, the charity promotes excellence in citizen reporting and provides free training to volunteer-learners which combines practical film making with tackling challenging issues. WORLDbytes WORLDbytes Logoworks with volunteer-learners to craft well shot programmes with something new to say. WORLDbytes’ film facilities and free training provides access to gear and tuition that individuals would never be able to afford otherwise. Uniquely, WORLDbytes has an open door policy, working with people from across the world and around the corner and encourages a global outlook, critical understanding and aspirations for the best for all.

Counterfire logoOn International Women’s Day 2010  a new political organisation called Counterfire was launched. The aim of the organisation was to eliminate the unnecessary barriers between socialist politics and the thousands of activists being drawn into opposition to austerity and war. Counterfire was a key component in launching the Coalition of Resistance and, through that coalition, the People’s Assembly, which has become the undisputed, essential vehicle for a united resistance to austerity. Even the TUC recognised the effectiveness 
of bringing anti-cuts activists and the unions together when it voted to support the Assembly after the 4,500-strong founding conference in June 2013.

People's Assembly National LogoThe People’s Assembly Against Austerity was launched in 2013 and backed by major trade unions such as Unite, UNISON, NUT, NUJ, PCS, the Green Party, Labour MPs, Coalition of Resistance and numerous campaigning groups.[1]

It is a movement to push the arguments against austerity missing from British politics, and fighting for all those people being hit by Government policies including low-paid workers, disabled people, unemployed people, the young, black, minority and ethnic groups and women. It was launched with an open letter published in the Guardian Newspaper in February 2013, backed by a large number of well known political figures such as Tony Benn, Len McCluskey and Jeremy Corbyn MP.[3]

A press conference was held on 26 March 2013 in London where speakers included Caroline Lucas MP, journalist Owen Jones,[4][5] comedian Mark Steel,[6] Labour’s Katy Clark MP, comedian and disabled activist Francesca Martinez, Steve Turner of Unite and Zita Holbourne representing Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts. The Assembly has been compared to the Chartists who fought for electoral reform in the 19th Century.

Greater London Association Of Trade Union Councils – GLATUC is the trade union body for logo_eLondon, bringing together trade unionists across the capital. It aims to be the co-ordinating body for rank and file trade union action across London and its trade union councils. They send representatives to London-wide bodies, handle issues which involve more than one borough, develop policy on London-wide issues, provide support for borough TUCs and, especially, co-ordinate rank-and-file support across London on major social and industrial issues and industrial disputes.


SERTUC, the Southern & Eastern Region of the TUC, is the largest of the TUC’s six English regions and covers three of the former government regions: London, the South East, and East of England. Over two million trades unionists live and work within the region.

UNITEcommunitylogoOrganising and activism are at the centre of strong communities, which is why Unite’s community membership provides a way people can find and use their political voice. Whether it is taking a stand against a service closure or coming together to improve your living environment, as a community member,UniteSELarge Unite will be on your side. Unite’s community membership scheme brings together people from across our society. Those not in employment are welcomed into the union family, adding another dimension to our strength in thousands of workplaces across the UK.

morning star logo

The Morning Star is widely acknowledged as the only English-language socialist daily in the world. The newspaper was founded in 1930 as the Daily Worker, organ of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). Since 1945 the paper has been owned by the morning star front pagePeople’s Press Printing Society. It was renamed the Morning Star in 1966. In the first years of the twenty-first century the paper has carried contributions from Uri Avnery, John Pilger, Green activist Derek Wall, ex-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, Labour MPs Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, Green MP Caroline Lucas, Respect MP George Galloway, former MP Alan Simpson, the cartoonist Martin Rowson, and many trade union general secretaries. Features are contributed by writers from a range of socialist, social democratic, green and religious perspectives.

The Star is a reader-owned co-operative, which means anyone can become part of the paper by buying shares in the People’s Press Printing Society.

Red Pepper LogoRed Pepper is a bi-monthly magazine and website of left politics and culture. They are a socialist publication drawing on feminist, green and libertarian politics and seek to be a space for debate on the lThe Bread & Roses pub in Clapham is hosting our London community cast with auditions and rehearsals taking place there on Sunday afternoons throughout the summer of 2014.

Bread & Roses LogoThe Bread and Roses is owned by the Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Union Council. The BWTUC is a lay run local trade union body which is the South West London arm of the national TUC. It is made up of affiliated trade union branches with 20,000 members working or living in south west London. The Bread & Roses hosts a wide range of live music each week, includingthe spectacular monthly Blues Jam on the last Sunday of every month, to the frequently appearing 17 piece Afro/Cuban/Jazz band. We also host Clapham Comedy Club, film nights, social clubs, new writing groups, Clapham Community Choir; we are the sponsors of the football club ‘Sporting Club Balham’ and the home of The Bread and Roses Theatre Company.

B&R Theatre Co.Supported by the Bread and Roses Pub in Clapham, a venue that prides itself on supporting emerging artists in all fields, the aim of BRTC is to produce new and contemporary theatre work. With the wealth of talent that London has to offer they channel the abilities of actors, directors, writers and creatives, to put on productions that will deliver just that. BRTC also run The Platform, a new writing workshop, giving writers, actors and directors a safe and constructive space in which to develop new pieces of theatre as well as an opportunity to showcase and develop their work. Previous productions have received positive reviews and four star ratings.

Layout 1Published since 1936, Peace News is the UK’s only grassroots newspaper covering the full spectrum of peace and justice issues. We have a staff of six part-time workers and currently publish 10 issues a year. Peace News Ltd is a not-for-profit limited company.