Free Education Pack

The Liberty Tree Education Pack is a not-for-profit initiative and is free for non-commercial use.

The Education Pack can be used in a number of different ways. Some suggestions might include: 

  • New ‘activist’ productions of the play by students, amateurs, youth groups, trade unions or activists.
  • New school, college or university productions of the play.
  • School, college or university project work using the play and the Education Pack as the focus of study.
  • Activist/Festival screenings of the video of the original production.

For new productions by students, amateur theatre companies and trade union theatre groups, the play allows for a useful flexibility in cast numbers and the scale of production. There are up to 15 speaking parts, all of which could be played by boys or girls, plus the potential for numerous walk-ons and the possibility of roles for musicians, dancers, and singers.

The original production was a full-blown ‘jukebox musical’ with a cast and crew of 60+, but the play can also be presented as a stripped-down, agitprop production presented by a dozen performers with minimal set and costumes.

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Education Pack Contents

1.Online Interactive Script (Interactive PDF) DEMO
The interactive PDF of the script contains extensive clickable notes to inform readers of the inspiration and context for the playwrights choice of locations, characters and situations.

For new productions the text can be cut and adapted according to specific production needs, although substantial rewrites will need to be approved by the author.

2. Playwright’s Introduction (PDF)
Includes author’s notes on style, music, set and characters.

3. Detailed historical and theatrical notes on the play text: 

The play is packed with historical and political references. For example the lead character is named ‘Rosa’, which references both Rosa Luxembourg and Rosa Parks. The character ‘Joe Hill’ is named after Swedish American protest singer, Joe Hill. The name of the character ‘Orville Blush’ is a mashup of Tony Blair and US President George W Bush and every line of the characters dialogue is a direct quote from Bush.

4. An online video archive of the original production: 

Various versions of the recording of the original pilot production of The Liberty Tree can be streamed or downloaded from this page. Teachers can screen the full film in one go and/or split the screening into sections depending on the length and nature of teaching sessions.

The video can be also be screened as a film in it’s own right by trade unions, trade councils, student unions, youth groups, colleges etc.

5. Photographs of the original production

A full set of colour photographs to help with visualising productions and as a visual aid for classes and lectures.

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