Video Archive

This is a video archive of the original pilot production of The Liberty Tree and is available to use with the text and lesson plans where appropriate. It can be streamed or downloaded from this page.

It should be noted that the original cast were all amateur students and activists and this is not presented to you as a professional production.

Teachers and facilitators can use the archive if they regard it as useful but it is not central to the Education Pack.

The full length film and the clips below are password protected on Vimeo. If you would like to view the film please email us at

Full Film – 87 minutesdscf4888

Act One – 41 mins

Act Two – 48 mins

Chapter 1: The Call Centre – 7 Minutes 

Chapter 2: She Just Wants To Be Free – 5 Mins

Chapter 3: The Journey Begins – 7 mins 

Chapter 4: Is This what they Are Looking For? – 5 mins

Chapter 5: Some Hard Working People Working Hard – 7 mins 

Chapter 6: The Dark Satanic Mills – 10 minsimg_1674

Chapter 7: I Shall Be released – 10 mins

Chapter 8: Rosa In the Top 10% – 14 mins 

Chapter 9: Joe In The Nick/All day Long They Are Singing – 14 mins

Chapter 10: Back To The Real World – 10 mins